Who Are We?

Depression Army is a growing and dynamic international movement that's calling for change in how society deals with depression. We are your neighbors, your doctors, your family, your teachers, your friends. We are rich, we are poor. Some of us have been directly affected by depression, others of us have helped a loved one through it. We've come together to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness and to bring depression out of the darkness by sparking an honest conversation about the experience of depression, both on social media and out in the real world.  

Why? Because depression is real and all-too common.  Because it holds many lingering misconceptions; these being that depression is an excuse for laziness or self-pity, that depression is a sign of weak will or that it simply does not exist. We can't address this worldwide problem until we learn to talk about it openly, without fear or shame.  

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment of mutual support, where people across the global work together to solve the problem of depression, and where you no longer have to hide your pain if you're struggling with your mental health.