Random Acts of Kindness: Ten Ways to Make Someone's Day

Written by: Rachel

Between the stress of America’s crazy election, the shorter days of fall, and the approach of the hectic holiday season, Depression Army’s “Compliment Challenge” couldn’t have come at a better time!

What is the Compliment Challenge? Glad you asked! The Compliment Challenge is an initiative launched by the Depression Army to spread kindness in the form of compliment cards! This challenge involves sending a compliment card by social media or IRL to friends and family, and challenging them to do the same.

My favorite part of the Compliment Challenge, besides the fact that it’s easy, can make anyone’s day, and lifts my mood whenever I do it? Random Acts of Kindness, of course! Here’s ten places that Depression Army’s “Compliment Challenge” Cards can be placed for the ultimate Compliment Challenge!



1.      Benches:

Benches, aka where college students snag a nap between classes, are a great place to put a Compliment Challenge card! While someone is sitting down with their coffee, newspaper, or taking a breather from the day, they can find the card and reflect on the compliment. It’s a pick-me-up as good as a five minute meditation or that extra shot of espresso in the morning, and it’s as simple as finding a bench and placing the card on it.



2. Libraries:

Libraries have so many good places to place Compliment Challenge cards.. You can put them inside books, in between shelves, on tables, by water fountains, or all of the above! Since libraries are quiet and talking is kept at a whisper level, compliment challenge cards are a great way to make someone’s day and abide by the no-talking rule.




3. Cafés:

Who doesn’t like a random act of kindness with their morning coffee!? Between the debate about whether or not Starbuck’s new green cups are “Christmas-y enough” and the lines of grumpy people waiting for their caffeine kick to be ready, café tables are a great place to sneak a compliment card and make customers’ days. Let’s face it, it’s the same amount of joy as an iced caramel latte without paying the five dollars.



4. Bookstores:

One of the DA bloggers, Kaitrin, had the brilliant idea of placing cards in a bookstore. This is great because the cards can be placed in all kinds of books, like comic books, romance novels, or those gossip magazines that are too easy to buy. So many people of all ages pass through a bookstore, so just imagine all the days you’re making by sneaking one little card into a book!



5. Restroom Mirrors:

This is random, but let’s admit it, not everyone is kind to themselves when they look in the restroom mirror, so a random act of kindness can go a long way! Remind someone in kindness that it’s their fight inside of them that matters.



6.   Car Windshields:

This was suggested on the DA Random Acts of Kindness page and I must admit it’s a clever tip! After a long day of work or school, what’s better than knowing that a stranger thought to go the extra mile to share some kindness with you? The compliment card can turn a bad day into a better one, and can be the pick-me-up that is much needed after a hard day of work.



7.  Lunch Notes:

Who says that the classic note in the lunch box is a dying tradition? I packed a lunch for my sister and slipped a card inside, but this is a trick that can be used when packing friends or partner’s lunches. Nothing’s better than finding a compliment in your lunch; it brings you back to the days of notes from Mom in your lunch and the good old days.



8. Computer keyboards:

Pro-tip: Keyboards are great for holding compliment cards; it’s like they were designed for a card to be slipped into them! Whether the computer that you’re placing the card on is a friend’s or a computer at a library, nothing says “Take a break from studying!” in a better, kinder way than a compliment card! (Unless it’s Chick-fil-A, of course).



9. Classrooms:

While we’re on the topic, pop quiz for you.

Random acts of kindness can:

a.      Make someone’s day brighter

b.      Be a great way to encourage a teacher or fellow peer

c.      Remind someone that math isn’t the end of the world

d.      All of the above

This isn’t a trick question: the answer is clearly D! Random acts of kindness are always welcome in a classroom environment, and the Compliment Cards are a great way to be subtle while still focusing on school work! Slip cards into textbooks, place them on desks, or balance them on whiteboards- bonus points if you can do this and still remain anonymous.



10. Cards:

Slip your a Compliment Challenge card into a greeting card. What a classy way to say “I care about you” while also committing a random act of kindness! Stuff it in a friend’s mailbox, put it on a colleague’s desk at work, or tuck it into a car windshield –all great ways to give someone some DA love.


And don’t forget, when you commit your Random Acts of Kindness, inspire others by sharing them on social media using the hashtag #ComplimentChallenge!  








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