Country: USA

Not only do I support Depression Army, I support all awareness towards the disorder of Depression and mental illnesses. Passion for mental illnesses started early when I raised my older brother with Aspergers. I would always observe him and listen to what he was trying to teach me in his own way. Everyone has something the world needs. 

The other reason, I've experienced it. Hit bottom during collegiate baseball. Everything had to end. It ruined goals I had, and dreams I dreamt. This created a passion that burns inside me. 

I support Depression Army because even though I was halted from my dreams, it will allow me to help others accomplish there's. It will allow me to help others. Giving back became my number one passion after I have contained my disorder. I want to share the other side with anyone, anywhere. 

Also,  I want to absolutely, ruthlessly, unapologetically destroy the stigma pertaining to mental illness. It's time to drop the nuke on it. And Depression Army won't be afraid to push the button. 

Sorry the last paragraph got alittle amped. 

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for everything your Army does. 

Best regards,

Joseph Guarnaccia