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Jessica Watson

Location: United States

I support Depression Army because I believe in the integration of mental wellness into society.  I think it is absolutely ridiculous that depression and other mental disorders have been pushed aside for as long as they have when they are such predominant issues around the globe with underlying statistics to prove it. 

I believe that mental well being is such a determining factor in the quality of our lives as humans and to ignore it as a priority would be a flaw in the character of humanity. It's time that people who are suffering from depression or anxiety stop believing that they are different, when in fact mental dispositions are so common. 

Depression Army is all about separating the disorder from the individual.  Just as cancer does not define someone, neither does depression and I'm glad to be a part of a movement where awareness about this is brought to the surface to both individuals suffering from mental disorders and to the society we live in.

This organization is beautiful because it calls for a community of people to bring the truth of depression out of the dark in order to really start tackling it as an issue, something that needs to be done and has needed to be done for a long time.