Barry Cosham

Location: United Kingdom

I experienced depression for many years without knowing what it was and therefore had no way of fighting it. I called myself lazy when i couldn't drag myself out of bed, moody when i was down in the depths and normal when i was flying high; anything other than depressed. 

My life slowly came apart over the years as i was increasingly unable to cope and even when i contemplated bringing it to an end i was still unable to fully accept that i was ill; "it is just a phase it'll be fine" i told myself, just give it time... what finally got me to therapy, despite several of my friends suggesting it previously was not depression as i understood it, but rage at myself and ultimately at others... 

I learned many things from therapy that have improved my life enormously but the two most important things i took from it were the knowledge of what i am suffering from: Anxiety and Depression and that i was not actually alone despite what i was thinking. It is so important that depression is talked about, that people are more widely educated and that those of us who experience it in whatever way realize we are not alone. That is why i support Depression Army!