Ash Alonzo

Location: United States

Statistics say the average age of people diagnosed with depression is 32 years old, but I've met people from middle school through college who are depressed or have struggled with depression in the past. As I grow older, these people--friends, peers, adults--seem younger and have so much ahead of them but they often can't see past the day or even the next hour. 
Depression is its own disorder, but besides resulting from social strain, it also often co-occurs with many other illnesses. Depression's prevalence in society makes the silence surrounding it ridiculous at least, and damaging at worst. The CDC found that 1 in 10 Americans take anti-depressants--aged 12 and over. While anti-depressants undoubtedly help alleviate depressive symptoms, extended use presents its own dangers and don't necessarily fix the problem at its source. 
The increasing number of medicated adolescents is a problem. The prevalence yet stigma of depression in our society is a problem. I believe that like any problem, the only way to fix it is to talk about it which is why I support Depression Army.