About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Hamm, and I was born and raised near Youngstown, Ohio. I started writing around the age of 11, when we moved away from Ohio for a couple of years. It was during that time, I started to understand that my life was all about writing, reading, and music. I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelors degree in secondary education, majoring in English and minoring in music.
Throughout the years, I have had many lows. My dad once told me that I endured way more than someone my age should have had to endure. But just recently, I am trying to see the other side of this. When my dad died last year, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. I began to go to therapy and even had to start taking meds, something I never would allow myself to do before this. It's my writing that has had a part in my healing even though I still have days that I still struggle. My only hope is to share my story so as to show others that they are not alone.