Depression Army

Marching Out of the Dark

Depression Army is a growing and dynamic international movement that aims to end the stigmatism surrounding mental illness and to serve as a community of support for those undergoing one.

About cassandre

My name is Cassandre. It's not my real one but you could say it's my "author name." ;)

I'm 26 and I live in France near Paris.

By day I work as a secretary at a driving school and by night I play various video games (I'm kind of a nerd type of person) or just lay in my bed and imagine stories.

I've had a dream since I was little. It's a secret but I'll share it with you. I've wanted to grow up to be a writer and tell stories.

I started with mine. I hope you like it :)

Created in 2015 by a group of people dedicated to ending the stigma on mental illness